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We have made E-Learning and Open Distance Learning (ODL) systems more user friendly with access to education and training materials. Students can now use this Technical E-Library service because we believe that technical/vocational skills requires more mental capacity as any academic course.

This online resource provides material for the many TVET institutions spread across the Caribbean region for the thousands of TVET students/trainees engaged in the study of TVET subjects.

It can also be used to furnish workers employed in the TVET Sector with research opportunities to problem solving and other information pertinent to the sustenance of industry equipment and machinery.

This information includes a plethora of information on best practices for technical/vocational projects, including many do-it-yourself processes from a Caribbean perspective. The information provided through this E-Library would be skewed toward the requirements of TVET specifically in the Caribbean and would be available to anyone seeking to acquire such knowledge.

There are many approaches to both teaching and learning, and therefore this material is intended for both the tutor and the learner. This E-library houses material that would treat with the different types of learning whether it be visual, cognitive, project oriented etc. necessary for an ever growing technical/vocational field.

Basic Machining Redone   Mechanical Reference Text Redone v2
CNC Turning Redone v2   Principles of Electronics Redone
Industrial Maintenance Mechanical Systems Redone   Process Control Management Redone v2
Industrial Maintenance Reference Redone v2   Welding Reference Text 1 Redone v2
MASONRY Course Text - 20 Jan 2015 v2   Welding Reference Text 2 Redone v2

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