MUST - Hospitality & Tourism: Level I

Registered Level I MuST Trainees are exposed to Hospitality and Tourism occupation skills where they work alongside the skilled workers of industry partners for a training period of six (6) months inclusive of a three (3) week in-house Orientation at their centre.

Trainees work to National Occupational Standards and are certified by the National Training Agency with the Caribbean Vocational Qualification based on the competency level of trainees.

Trainees are on Hospitality and Tourism sites for four days a week and one day they retreat to an off-site Centre where they undergo Technology and Life Skills Training.  On-site placement, trainees work alongside skilled workers and are monitored daily by their Instructor.

Hospitality and Tourism training covers 10 Occupational Skills Area which trainees are allowed to select two:

  • General Office Administration (Office Clerk) – CVQ Level I
  • Commercial Food Preparation (Cookery) – CVQ Level I
  • Housekeeping (Houseman) – CVQ Level I
  • Housekeeping (Room Attendant)- TTNVQ Level I
  • Housekeeping (Laundry Attendant) – CVQ Level I
  • Front Office – Uniform Services (Bellman) – CVQ Level I
  • Bread, Cake and Pastry- TTNVQ Level I
  • Property Maintenance (Small Property)- CVQ Level I
  • Food and Beverage- Bar Service (Pottering) –TTNVQ Level I
  • Food and Beverage- Restaurant Service (Server)- TNNVQ Level I

The Ministry of Education provides each registered Hospitality and Tourism MuST Trainee with the following:

  • A daily stipend of $80.00
  • A Meal and a drink.
  • Basic Personal Protective Equipment
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Supervisory Management and Assessment Services by Technology Instructors/Assessors

Course Duration: Six (6) Months, Full-Time.

Applcation Fee: TT$100.00 (non-refundable)

Programme Fee: Government Funded (Free for Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago).

Entry Requirements:

  • National/ Resident of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Between 17 and 50 years of age.
  • Copy of Identification Card
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • 2 Passport sized Photos
  • Bank Account number
  • NIS number

Certification upon successful completion: Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) Level I.

Locations/Class Time:

  • Chaguanas Technology Centre
  • Laventille Technology Centre
  • O'Meara Technology Centre
  • Ste. Madeleine Technology Centre
  • Tobago Technology Centre

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