Green-Tech Facility

In March 2018, MIC-IT in collaboration with ProtoFabTT launched the Green-Tech Facility at the MIC-IT’s Penal Technology Centre for the purpose of hosting the Battery Regeneration Project. The sophisticated, portable device which regenerates used lead acid batteries (auto, marine, sealed & deep cycle) is the Ion Hammer, an invention of ProtoFabTT owner, Ancel Bhagwandeen.

The facility enables scope for new product development and deployment of new technology. Using MIC-IT’s National Skills Development Programme (NSDP) training resources, the manufacturing of the award-winning Battery Regenerator, is one example of MIC-IT’s thrust for economic diversification, foreign exchange and environmentally sustainable benefits to the nation.

This portable IoT device, the Ion Hammer, regenerates spent Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULAB) at a commercially viable rate, optimizing waste resource use while mitigating environmental contamination. MIC-IT is very proud to launch this home-grown technology which has the potential for global scale business with established customer interest as far as West Africa.

The Octoport Charger also has many ‘green’ and sustainable benefits. Both products are designed and manufactured locally in Trinidad and Tobago. To place orders or for more infromation, please call the MIC-IT Marketing Department at 1(868) 663-4642 ext. 3188 or 1 (868) 719-7697 e-mail or