Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Programme


The Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) programme is designed to train experienced welders, welding supervisors and engineers to perform inspections according to specific codes and standards. 

Programme Information:

Examinations: 3 times a year

  • 3 Parts (A, B & C) – Part B is done in MIC-IT whilst A & C is done in a Prometric centre (Like SBCS).
  • Part A exam is based on Welding Theory (150 questions)
  • Part B is a practical inspection based on a Booklet given.
  • Part C an exam based on codebook the student is using (D1.1, API 1104)

Duration: One day

Entry Requirements: This depends on the level of qualification the candidate has if less than an 8th grade one will require to have at least 12 years of Welding Work history.

Certification: Become a Certified Welding Inspector.

Cost: $3500 US for Training and Books, $1100 US for exam alone and resit is $275 US for any part of the exam.